History Behind the Doors

Stay in rooms, each with a different story, while enjoying the most enchanting village of the Aegean & #039.

Aegean Dream

With its narrow streets, historical texture and unique atmosphere, this visit you will make into the natural life will not go off your mind for a long time.

Peace of Life

It's a timeless village. It greets us with the smell of olives .. Time flows slowly here ..

Zeytinlikoy - Aya Teodoroi

Our hotel is located in the center of Zeytinliköy, which hosts the most visitors of Gökçeada.

Zeytinliköy; maybe it is the first place that will give you the feeling that "it was worth coming to Gökçeada". Zeytinliköy is the closest Greek village to Gökçeada center. It is a charming village built on the slope of a hill, among olive trees, where mostly Greek citizens live.

Zeytinliköy, which has visitors in summer and winter and attracts a lot of attention by visitors, is also impressive with its architecture. It is one of the most beautiful villages of the island, which is admired with its well-restored houses as well as ruined stone houses decorated with oleander flowers. .

Zeytinliköy was one of the most social places on the island during its time. Now it is one of the most visited villages due to its large number of cafes. It has been a tradition to visit the village to drink mortar coffee for a long time. It is seen that the atmosphere has become more colorful with the cafes opened by the Greeks who have returned from Greece to their villages in recent years. Their menu includes mortar coffee, gummy pudding and frappe. Most of the villages are gathered in a small square. But they also come across sporadically on the streets of the village. Greeks decorate their cafes with all kinds of flowers.

The number of people living continuously in summer and winter is around 50-60. As the name suggests, it is surrounded by many olive trees. 3 km from the center. distance is one of four villages under protection. Agios Georgios Church, the oldest church on the island, is in this village. Bartholomeos I, the spiritual leader of 300 million orthodox Christians in the world, was born in Zeytinli in 1940. Bartholomeos, who was declared Patriarch in 1991, visits the house where he was born several times a year.

There are taverns at the entrance of the village and pleasant places where you can sit in touch with nature in Zeytinliköy. If you happen to be in the village in autumn, do not pass without tasting the blackberries that turn from the main road to the village, right and left!

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