Moon goddess in Greek mythology. Hyperion and Theia are the titans' daughters.

A moon goddess is always a great task and a precaution. If the name is of Greek origin, it should most probably be related to the "light" selas (Kerenyi pp. 197). Selene's place in time was taken by Artemis, and for this reason some authors have identified and portrayed it as Artemis. This is why it was defined as the daughter of Zeus or Pallas.

According to the traditional divine genealogy, Helios, the sun, was his brother. When Helios finished her journey in the sky, Selene began her own journey. Eos was also the goddess of sunrise (dawn) and his brother.

In the works of art, Selene is portrayed as a beautiful woman with a pale face, wearing a silver battle car drawn by a pair of horses or oxen. It is often depicted as a half month at the beginning and a horse or bull with a torch in his hand.