The symbol of Iris is the rainbow. She is the daughter of Thaumas and Elektra and the descendant of Okeanos. When the heavens were tied together, Zeus, the god of the gods, gave him the task of carrying news to the earth from the sky.

Zeus always sends happy news to people through Iris. He joined Ephesus with Zephyros and gave birth to Eros. When Akhilleus tried to burn the corpse of his beloved friend Patroklos, the flames were rancid and he was sorry that he had prayed to the winds so that the wind would come out. Iris took this request and brought it to Zephyros.

Zeus wanted to see Thetis the Sea Goddess one day. Iris was thrown into Okeanos' dark waves to find him. He danced and fluttered in the sea, and Iris reached out to the depths, like the lead ball, lost and finally reached Thetis, the ability to change shape, and transmitted Zeus's wish.