In Greek mythology, Ares is the God of War. Zeus and Hera's son and the twelve Olympians. Also known as Mars in Rome. It is the opposite of Athena, the god of peace. Mythology is fought with Athena and is famous for its love affair with Aphrodite. Sparta city and Thrace region are the main cult centers of god. Damasen is the opposite of the Gigantes.

One of the many stories of similar names in Greek mythology is related to Ares' son. Following the disgrace at Olympos, which is the secret love that he has lived with Aphrodite, Ares is also idle in Thrace and provokes the barbarian Thracians against the Amazons. The death of his son, Kyknos, who built a pyramid on his behalf in the name of himself, killing the bride while enjoying the war that took place. Kyknos is about to complete the pyramid. There is room left for a single skull on the summit. When Tessera thought about completing the summit with the king's head, he saw Hercules passing from there. He will go out and defy Herculean, and Hercules will kill him. Ares jumped on the battlefield without receiving this news, and attacked Herculean on the revenge of his son who honored him with his skull.

It is perhaps the most embarrassing god in Greek gods. This god, whom Hades and Aphrodite do not like except anyone, is frequently fallen into difficult situations. At the beginning of these is a bronze earring imprisoned for 13 months. One day, when the Olympian gods were at the banquet, they jumped to the ground with a great noise. One of the Gaia's sons, Otis and Ephialtes, who were not accepted among the Olympian gods, waged war on the gods, and they began bombing with giant rocks that threw the sky.

Moreover, these two gigants are bold enough not only to be accepted by Olympos but to other Athenians and Athena and Hera as well. Heraki is Zeus's wife! Zeus gets angry and commits Ares to take care of this. Ares riding a battle car between the Athena's regiments, he attacks two giants. However, for a moment, quench the hand and lower the shield. In the meantime, the rock Ares thrown by one of the giants love it. They enclose two giant Ares in a bronze cube. The other gods do not want Ares to win these two giants, which they love so much as to leave their eyes to two powerful goddesses. Hermes, the reporter of the gods, finds Ares while dying 13 months after long searches. When Ares saw the sun again, Otis and Ephialtes' penalty had already been given.

In the land of deaths they are bound to one column by snakes. The serpents do not leave the two giants alone with the bites they are releasing their poisons that endure irresistibly, and the owls perched on their shoulders are constantly scrambling their brains.

The involvement of Ares in the Battle of Troy also gave a result that the gods of Olympos did not like, especially Hera. When Ares joins the battle near Truvan and kills the Greeks, an old book reopens. Paris, the son of the Trojan king, chose Aphrodite, not Hera, in the three-legendary competition. This is one of the reasons for the Trojan war. Hera wants Zeus's permission before he can intervene directly in the war.

Zeus does not allow his wife to interfere, but allows the same contender to interfere with the other victim Athena (Athena hates Ares at least as much as Hera). He gives support to the hero Diomedes who is famous for his war, and helps him to attack Ares. Ares notices the Athena's presence, which he does not see, when he drops his spear in a way that he does not understand. Evaluating this opportunity, Diomedes succeeds in hurting Ares and Ares Trova has to retreat from the battlefield.

The god Ares, a god of the god Zeus did not like much,

Aphrodite with Ares
Zeus, who passed through the clouds, looked sideways;

I cry like that and turn around in my knees.

I am the most godly god among the gods sitting in Olympos!

I always fight the fiercest fight, the battle for your strength,

I inherit you from Annen Hera.

I too was forced to listen to it,

He came from his advice, what he came to.

But if you do not suffer such pain, you can not bear it, you have come from my own soul,

Or if you were born of this devastating mixer, from another god,

You've already found your Uranian sons in the country.

What Apollon and Athena say about Ares is like this:

Ares, Ares,

Ares bloody hands, washing their hands ...

Come closer to him, do not be afraid of aggressive Ares,

It is one of the delirious, the bad of the bad,

Since then it has turned ...

Ayshilos the tragedy of antiquity; In a tragedy, the god Ares expressed the horror of the moment of war plainly:

"In the skies of this innocent city,
Faintly as the noise fades
It burns and burns mercilessly
People who love and respect Nesi
This cruel deity called Ares!
The streets are filled with cries of horror,
The soldier falls in front of the soldier.
This is the baby cries