The Lure of the Aegean Cuisine

Zeydali Hotel will show you brand-new flavours in the ground-floor restaurant.  Zeydali Hotel will make you feel different with The Aegean Cuisine you are going to try on the tables decorated with white linen table cloth and colourful lamps, appetizers seasoned with the island’s vegetable, olives corned with sea water, honey that smells thyme and home-made jams.

You can eat the fresh fish that comes to your table from the island’s clear waters in accompany with a prosperous menu comprises of Greek and Turkish cuisine.

We recommend you to taste our village wine made from the grapes that benefits from the shine of sun and the wind of the island.

Don’t forget to salute your neighbour going home on the back of his donkey when he passes in front of our hotel while you are having your breakfast or dinner at our hotel.