Gökçeada is a settlement and a gate constantly relays between Europe and Asia. Although there isn’t any certain information about how old the settlement on the island is, The Pelasgians are thought to be the first to settle. Despite the island’s being under the control of Persian for a short while after the Pelasgians, In 448 B.C. it went under the control of Athens as a result of peace that took place between Persians and Athenians.

The island that was annexed to the Ottoman Empire in 1455 relayed between Ottoman and Venezia from time to time and declared as foundation during the rule of  Suleiman the Magnificent.

With it’s declaration as foundation, the historical wealth of Gökçeada was protected and the islanders lived in prosperity. Ottomans,who tried to protect the texture of the island, had place in the structural history of the island by building a mosque, 4 laundries and a fountain throughout their 500 years of sovereignty.

Although many Aegean islands were left to Greece in 1800’s, Gökçeada stayed in the boundaries of Ottoman Empire. Gökçeada,which was invaded after World War I, was annexxed to Turkish Republic with the Lausanne Peace Treaty on September 22,1923. This date is still celebrated annually as Gökçeada’s Independence Day.