Thinking about a hotel, serving as a boutique, living in the interior architecture of a deep history and culture in every land of your geography, feeling the whole ambiance in the middle of your past and your future. Each room has a different lighting, a private balcony, a special interior decoration, as well as a mythology and a mysterious narrative of this mythology. While you are taking you to the beginning of history, without sacrificing today's technology, you can easily handle every detail for your comfort and service all the services from mini-barrel to TV to showers. It adds a whole new flavor to your meals and meets you with a colorful table, pampering you with all the tastes of vegetarian and aegean cuisine. Contains stories ranging from cold water to warm friendships. Every minute you spend in it makes you feel special. Did you know that the unique atmosphere of this hotel crowned all these services with the award of the Best Small Hotel in Turkey? This dazzling architecture in Gökçeada invites you to experience this experience.