Zeydali is a boutique hotel which will cherish you with the island’s culture and history with its interior design, make you feel as an islander with its atmosphere that combines now with the past and the future. Inside the hotel rooms which got their names from the heroes of the myterious mythologic stories, the rooms have a design that gives clues about this mythologic stories. While the hotel shows you its own history with special and distinctive lighting and the balconies opening to splendid scenes, it grasps you with every kind of comfort without making concessions from the present day technology. Inside the hotel rooms whose details considered skilfully, there is a mini bar, a case for customers, a televison, a modernistically designed shower and there are ergonomic beds that will enhance your sleep quality. Zeydali will meet you with all the blessings that Aegean sea and land has with its cuisine and will pamper your palate with a variety extends from seafood to vegetarian cuisine. It offers you a dreamy place in which you’ll want to stay in winter and summer that extends from cold waters to close friendships. Our hotel that will grasp you with the warmth of the island life and naturalness of the stone buildings has won the award of the Best Small Hotel.