About Us

Gökçeada (Imroz) is Turkey’s biggest island located in the westernmost of Turkey. The settlement on the island dates back to 5000 years ago and reaches today with the historical wealth it got from the ancient period. Our hotel is located in Zeytinli Village which is in Gökçeada that is famous for its historical and natural beauties. Zeytinli is an absolute destination for tourists coming to the island due to being the place where I. Bartholomeus, the Pontiff of Orthodox Christians’ whose population is more than 300 million, was born.

Zeydali Hotel, aiming to reflect the Zeytinli Village­-under protection with its café’s on the island, Greek pubs, historical structures and narrow stone streets- with its historical and cultural texture, consists of three stone Greek houses renovated in accordance with their original structure.

Zeydali Hotel which we built with the awareness of sustentation  and protection of the culture dates back to ancient times from its streets to its cuisine is a boutique hotel that aims customer satisfaction with the services such as organic and ecologic products and service quality served to customers.